How To Use "Fear Of Loss" Selling With Finesse, In Network Marketing

So many times sales people are taught to use “fear of loss selling” in network marketing, and using “take aways” to pressure people into signing up in their business, or buying their product. One of the best sales training tips I have learned, is how to use fear of loss selling as a last resort. I will show you how to sell, so that you won’t need to use fear of loss selling, or focusing on the close. In fact, your prospects will be begging to buy from you.

It’s true of just about any sales profession for that matter, fear of loss can be a powerful selling tool. That’s because no one likes to have something taken away from them. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. First I want to talk about the wrong way. Prospecting doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

The wrong way to use fear of loss, is to assume your customer really wants your product in the first place. Cheesy sales pitches are just what you want to avoid. Avoid saying things like: “You won’t believe this great deal I have for you today”. Or pressure them with a statement like, “It’s only this price this month, after next month, the price goes up. The customer does not care, if it does not solve their problem. That’s what you have to do next, is find out the problem.

Continually ask questions to your prospect, find out what their hot button is, then simply press it. In so doing, you will be adding value to yourself, and your company. Remember, people buy you, not your company, product, or service. If you make them feel good, and they like you, they will buy with their emotional attachment to you.

The simple fact of the matter is, if you continually take the attention off yourself, and your business, and listen to your prospect’s needs. It’s very important to take the dollar sign off your prospect’s forehead. When you stop worrying about how much money you are going to make, and focus on the needs of the customer, it goes much smoother.

Establish rapport, ask questions. Ask them what the situation is, find out what the problem is. What can I do for you, the customer? You should have confidence in yourself and your product, but never assume that they will want to be in business with you, as they may not want to build a home based business at all. They might want your products if it meets their needs, and it’s easy find out what they are, with these common qualifiers.

Ask them about their work, what do they do?, do they enjoy the job? If they do, that’s great, people who enjoy their jobs are usually better prospects, because they exude confidence, and are not afraid of working.

Also be sure not to give your prospect too much information at your first meeting. Your goal on the first meeting, is not to book a meeting, but rather to peak their curiosity about what you do. You should be focused on getting their contact information, (unless it’s someone you already have their contact info). If you just met them, exchange cards at the end of the conversation. I usually don’t even mention my business, unless they ask me. I spend most of the time listening to them, and most of the talking I do, is asking them questions. Any good sales person will tell you, that if you listen more, and talk less, you will sell more, and pitch less. There is a right time and a wrong time to pitch. Wait until you have enough information from the customer, and you know what their hot button is.

You need to get permission to market to them, conversing and listening more than you talk is a great way to do this. Always get the person’s name right away, and say their name back to them. People like to hear you say their name, it establishes rapport and propels the engagement of the conversation.

I will give you an example of a conversation I had with a waiter one time. I told him that he did a very nice job serving my girlfriend and I, and I asked him this question. “You seem like you really enjoy working here Michael, how long have you worked here?” He said, “Two months”. I said wow, two months, and you serve like an old pro!” Do you enjoy working here? “Yeah, so far” he said. I said; “Great, do you ever look for ways to make extra money on the internet?” He said, “sure”. “Well here’s my card, with the website address on it, to get more information.” He said thanks, and I left him a nice tip. The conversation wasn’t long, and all I did was give him my card. I also had the number of the restaurant, and the guy’s name was on my receipt. So I could have always called back later and ask him if had been to the website.

Well guess what happened to the waiter? He came to my web site, he signed up for my newsletter, and he signed up for my business. The price never was an issue, I never got a single objection. The best way to handle objections is not to get any. Because I cared about his needs and wants, instead of worrying about signing him up for my business, he was more receptive to me. It puts you in a powerful position, and you can use this technique even if you are brand new to selling, it just takes a little practice to get really good at it.

When should the price become and issue? Price should not even come up until the end. It’s the major mistake sales people make is mentioning the price. Adding value first is the key, and I’m not talking about blathering on about how much money they can make in your business. People don’t care how much money can be made, if it’s a worthless product you are selling. If the products your company has are something you would still be buying, even if you weren’t making any money, then you have good products.

Be honest with yourself, and your prospects. If you don’t feel your products have any value, then don’t pretend, or try to fake it. Most people will know instantly that you are not being sincere.

Fear of loss comes in if the person is putting up buying resistance signals. You can always use this one fear of loss statement, and you can tailor this to your prospect. Say something like: “Well maybe it’s not for you, it’s not for everyone.” After you say that, don’t say anything else. The person will either say, “no I don’t think it’s for me”, or “well, maybe I should find out more.” No matter what they say, agree with them, when they are ready to buy, they will tell you. Then all you do is take their order, and continue to develop a relationship with them. It’s all about how you educate your prospects, and treating them like you want to be treated.

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The Best Advice on Sales I’ve found

3 Simple Guidance for You to Improve Your Dad’s Fashion Statement

Dad’s fashion might be a standout amongst the most surely understood and signature style in the business of fashion. And when we see a cap, white loose t-shirt, cargo shorts, long socks, and a pair of rubber shoes, we automatically think of the dad’s fashion since this is commonly the trend and style of our father. Moreover, paying little heed to the likelihood that the fashion statement is changing every year, we can at introduce comprehend what is the look of a dad’s fashion.

The dad’s fashion is not, in reality, awful by any stretch of the imagination. Genuinely, numerous people are starting at now accepting the likelihood of the dad’s fashion since it has an unbelievable sentiment style which can be esteemed and loved by heaps of men of respect! Regardless, what makes the father’s plan looks so old and debilitating is the way how each father mix and match their articles of clothing style. Some are simply overlooking this little detail, yet to be completely forthright, this ought not to be ignored in light of the fact that the best possible dad’s fashion can leave a good first impression. That infers, your plan is your self-reflection. In the event that you wear an exhausting and unmatched dad’s fashion, individuals may feel that you are a sloppy person who wouldn’t fret about the little and critical points of interest of life. Therefore, if you want to get a good first impression from your business partners, co-workers, friends, and colleagues, you need to put much value in your dad’s fashion and look for possible ways on how to improve it. In addition, to empower you with your energetic and stunning dad’s fashion, here are a couple of clues which will help you in getting a good first impression:

1. Keep your dad’s fashion look immaculate and fundamental. To put it plainly, don’t wear boisterous and over-designed garments in light of the fact that these styles are recently implied for the more youthful ones. Stick your dad’s fashion to white, black, gray, dark blue, and khaki since these hues are more refreshing and professional in the eyes. Keep in mind, you are a father now, so keep it tasteful.

2. Do not wear to oversized or undersized clothes for it will ruin your whole dad’s fashion. Ensure that your garments are all around fitted to your body shape for you to feel comfier while wearing it.

3. In the event that you need to get the good first impression from others, put resources into your dad’s fashion. Purchase new shirts, shoes, pants, and disregard all your old and exhausting dad’s fashion. Remember, your dad’s fashion matters so much most especially to those people who don’t know more much about your personality.

You can do the online shopping if you are a busy person. You can in like manner ask for an insight from your better half to get the best dad’s fashion that will perfectly work for you.

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Interesting Research on Medications – What No One Ever Told You

Some Important Safety Tips When Buying Prescription Drugs Online

When it comes to buying prescription drugs online, there exists a fine line between buying them legally and buying them from the black market. For one, if you plan to buy painkillers online, you need to be extra cautious where you’re getting them since there always will be risks involved, more particularly about the authenticity of the product.

Because of the recent trend of people opting to buy their meds online, it has allowed the emergence of many online pharmacies and legitimate prescription drug sellers. But along this line, there also are those who are suspicious and you don’t really want to deal with illegally operated websites since they might be selling counterfeit drugs. If you buy from them, you not only risk yourself of getting in trouble with the law, it also might cause you harm taking those counterfeit meds.

So, what really is a counterfeit drug? In the most generic sense, drugs are referred to as counterfeit whenever their sources are fraudulently or dishonestly mislabeled. Bear in mind that even if some counterfeit drugs are just plain ineffective, there are others out there that has the potential of causing serious harm due to the presence of harmful or toxic chemicals and substances.

To be sure you’re not buying fake or counterfeit drugs, learn from our friendly tips below:

1 – Be sure the seller is legitimate.

It’s actually quite easy to figure out if you’re dealing with a legitimate online pharmacy or seller; all you have to do is visit the NABP or National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to see its list of approved online pharmacies. But then again, you might not find the name of the shop or seller where you plan on buying painkillers online; but it doesn’t mean they’re no longer legitimate. To get more information about your seller, all you have to do is read reviews online from previous and existing customers.

2 – When it comes to buying meds online, you never should play like you’re a doctor.

What this means is that if you want to buy prescription meds, you must first get a doctor’s prescription. The idea behind requiring prescriptions if to ensure that the doctor has a record of your intake of meds and in the process protect you from possible harmful drug intake.

3 – It pays to do some comparison shopping first.

Comparison shopping will help even if you’re merely buying painkillers online. While you do have the practical option to choose generics over branded medications, you can’t ignore the fact that some are just way too cheap; since for the most part, they likely are fake meds. As for the prices, there are a lot of online tools and websites that help you compare and make substitutes for more affordable options.

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6 Facts About Health Everyone Thinks Are True

Making Life Worth Living through Realigning your Inner Zen

Life in the modern world may not be easy as you think. Stressful conditions in our work, family affairs, financial issues, and other concerns sometimes get you weighed down. This overwhelming circumstances will give damaging impacts to your wellness and even to life itself; different diseases may build up and hopelessness over your life may come to you. However, none of these unfavorable instances may occur if you only know how to handle it that is, through inner zen realignment. Some helpful ideas will be tacked in succeeding paragraphs for you to obtain some ideas how to get through life challenges and pressures.

Having exercises such as yoga is among the best options to defeat various types of stress. As matter of fact, it beats the symptoms of anxiety and depression through the generation of the happy hormone endorphins. Furthermore, it improves blood flow to different body organs to rejuvenate your total physical aspect. These powerful stress-relieving exercises can be called as a form of inner zen realignment.

Another form of surviving in different life challenges is in the form of meditation. It is in fact incredibly advantageous for your mental faculties. Nonetheless, it is believed that the brain controls each part of the organ which may include the emotions. So, if the mind is well, everything is at its
best too.

Meditation is actually easily said than done at first. But, when you have successfully done it for the first time, the rest of would be easier. It fundamentally consists of focusing your mind on stuff that could help you feel great and efficient breathing strategies. What makes it challenging is that man’s brain is commonly packed with various thoughts. Finding out about some meditation tutorials might aid you meditate appropriately and obtain its rewarding aspects.

If you are not into these stuff, then there are still a lot of strategies you can carry out to enable zen realignment.

For instance, if love sports like basketball, you may want to have some time for it with your friends. If you believe taking a trip is relaxing, then why have it with your family or relatives. Basically, the main goal is to give your mind and body time not to entertain pressures in life and simply enjoy it.

If any of those matters does not qualify in your preference, then do not be disappointed for you can also find help from diverse self-help references and training book to inner zen re-connection. You may like to consider avatar training or any tool that is remarkably helpful to motivate you, allowing to grasp hope, get rid of stress, and make life worth living.

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St Therese of Lisieux Inspires Communion With the Saints As She Saves Souls With Miracles of Love

St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, is the most famous modern mystic of our times. This beloved Carmelite penned her autobiography, Story of A Soul, and captivated the hearts of readers for decades. St. Therese has always watched over me and I am amazed that it took me so long to recognize her presence. Now, I acknowledge her daily as my friend and spiritual guide.

I chose her for my patron saint because I knew her from her picture that hung in Lilly’s home where I spent a lot of happy days as a child. It was that beautiful picture of the little nun in a black habit clutching a crucifix and roses that fascinated me. I am convinced that St. Therese chose me and that is why I knew to select her for my patron saint when I was confirmed at twelve years old. I never gave her much thought growing up, but when I found myself in my darkest hour, she came to me. And it was twenty years later before I recognized her and understood how she had always been there for me.

In my darkest hour a friend told me I had a spiritual guide and described her as a woman with dark hair. My friend was psychic and she could see this presence with me. I left and went to my office in a state of total despair and asked for help from this spiritual guide. At the time I was holding a pencil over a tablet and to my complete shock and surprise, that pencil started moving slowly over the paper.


Those are the words that automatically appeared on my tablet nearly twenty years ago during the darkest period of my life.

How many times had I gotten myself into trouble with my good intentions? The worst being when I married a sociopath after reading there is no cure for them, and saying to myself, I will fix him!

Oh, boy, that was the time that I entered into my spiritual trial and long dark night. A six-year period of convulsive fear and loss of every material item I owned, including my career, home, health; and worse than all of that was suffering a separation from my beloved daughter. That was my very long dark night. It was in this darkness that I found help from my unknown spiritual guide, St. Therese. She led me through without my recognizing her and I came out of that dark place and soared to new spiritual heights. The most profound being the words I heard from God, Himself, which are inscribed in my heart:

“I am the Father who created you and the Mother who loves you”

And Herself, adding in my own mother’s voice: “Why Anne, I have always been there for you.”

Ten years later I was living my Cinderella story with my new husband. It must have been another ten years after that before I found her book, A Story of a Soul. At last I recognized her! Toward the end of her book it was written that as she was dying of tuberculosis and getting weaker that she gave up her heavy pen that she was using to write her story and picked up a pencil. A pencil indeed!

Like a bolt of lightning I recognized at last the spiritual guide who had moved my pencil. And, of course, she brought me a message of love becauselove was Therese’s vocation. She made a vow on her deathbed that she would “come down and save souls!”

To this day my lovely saint continues to push my pencil as I write stories about the journey of a soul. The latest is a mystical achievement as St. Therese brings her continuing story of a soul’s journey to the pages of my book in an extraordinary adventure. Anne Urne travels the world with her cousin and describes the wondrous presence and help of the saints who come to her aid. You will marvel at the spiritual messages conveyed to her as she communes with the saints and learns that just as St. Therese always believed, heaven can be found on earth and there can be communion with the saints. A truly inspiring message that only the saints could bring and a tribute to the devotion and hard work of dedicated nuns who are responsible for bringing us the greatest spiritual classics.

Miracles are recorded and saints convey their spiritual messages in this book inspired by the most famous mystical saint of all times. Saints are present and watching over us and eager to help if we just seek them out asking for help and advice. Learn to be aware of their presence and accept their help.

The best surprise of all with this book was the recognition of Mother Agnes, the sister of St. Therese and publisher of her autobiography, Story of a Soul. Sister Agnes was probably the most single-handedly successful editor, publisher, publicist and marketing guru to ever sell so many millions of her book about Therese; a book that today has been revised to the true version, but continues to be read by millions of spiritual seekers, over 100 years since Therese’s death on September 30, 1897.

With humility and honor I welcome the addition of this most honorable sister and publisher and expect great things for the books inspired by St. Therese.

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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Trends

Using Bags As A Fashion Accessory To Your Event

It is normal for a girl to have at least one handbag in her life. You can instantly up your style by using a handbag. They can also pull a look together.

Handbags can be used to potentially complement your outfit. If you have the budget, you can have a handbag for each outfit you have. If you lack the funds, you can look for one or two handbags that will be a good match to most of what you wear. Black is a good option since it can match a lot of things. Pick a handbag that will be a good match with the colors of the outfits that you usually sport. When it comes to handbags with a brand, you have various options to choose from.

The old perception of backpacks is that they are not stylish or not something that is considered fashionable. People would usually look at them and think they are more practical. You can now select more stylish backpacks which are more popular with most people.

The good thing about a backpack is that you can put a lot of things inside and bring them around, but still have your hands free. These backpacks are great for students who need to bring books or stationary around school. Depending on your outfit, you can pick from different kinds of backpacks. Discounts can help you if you are looking to buy a branded backpack that is pricey. You can also pick from sportier looking backpacks if you are going to use them to train or go to the gym.

Clutch bags have a great name and meaning to them. They are named that way because of girls who have a specific need when going out at night or to a party. There are times when you are wearing a nice dress but don’t have the pockets or somewhere to put your belongings in. Because of this, you would need to depend on a bag. This would often result to the problem that the handbag would be bigger than what looks good with your outfit. Because of this, the clutch bag has been developed. They are small enough that they can be held on or clutched, as you continue to enjoy the party.

Because a nice clutch can be used when you are going out a night, it can be easy to match with an outfit. A subtle yet classy clutch bag is the best one to choose. You have the option of selecting branded clutch bags if you want to.

These three types of bags are important pieces to have with your outfits. Apart from being a practical thing, these bags can compliment your outfit too.

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Smart Ideas: Fashions Revisited

The Different Looks For Men’s Fashion This 2017

For the next season to come, you have to see to it that you will e ready with the things that you will wear. And that is why in this article that we will be talking about the different fashion trends for men without the need o put a hole in your pocket.

It is the slogan t-shirts that are considered as one of the fashion trends for men in the year 2-017. It is the slogan tees that many fashion followers considered as a staple wear. When it comes to slogan t-shirts, there are also many designers that carry their very own version. It is the slogan t-shirts that you can get a much lower price that you should not replace with those designer ones. A trouser and a casual trainer with your slogan t-shirts would complete the look.

For men, it is the tonal look that is considered as another fashion trend. You will find it a lot easier to dress out the moment that you will go with the tonal look. Since the black tone has been used for so many years now, why not be different by choosing grey or naval tone. When wearing a suit, you have to see to it that you will have your undershirt in contrast with the tone of your coat.

Anther fashion trend for men this 2017 is the sports luxe. It is the sports luxe fashion trend that has been used by men for quite some time now and many people believed that it is this trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. There are many people that want to have this kind of fashion trend as they are very comfortable. In order t achieve this kind of fashion, there are a number of things that you can do. It is when you would want to achieve this kind of look that you can try out a sports jacket with a pair of chinos and trainers or a smart shirt with a pair of joggers and a formal shoe. To look good this summer, it is your that will be the one to choose what looks good.

Another fashion look for men this 2017 is the wide leg trousers. When talking about the staple wear that most men love, then you have to include the wide leg trousers. A relax and smart look is what most men would feel when they will opt to have this look. It is this one also that can be paired with formal shirts, simple tee, and trainers. When it comes to the fashion trend this summer, the wide leg trousers is considered to be on top.

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Looking On The Bright Side of Sales

Some Tips on How to Have a Great Budget Holiday

If you are going on a holiday, it will definitely a time when you have money to spend. This is because every step of the way, there is something to purchase and to pay. Some of these things that you need to purchase or pay include your plane tickets, new clothes to wear, accessories to bring, rentals and fares, accommodation, meals and many more which are not free. You can get the most out of your holiday without spending much if you make a plan. When your plans are already in place, all you need to do next is to simply enjoy your holiday vacation. Planning a budget holiday is not really that easy. The money might not be enough for everything that you need or want, if you are on a budget. Buying all the things that you need can give you much expense. So can one have a great holiday without being able to spend much?

You should shop for your holiday vacation in much the same way as you shop for other things on any given day. If you have made plans on what to buy, you go to the store, buy it and leave. You will never overspend on your budget if you plan and simply get the things you need. If you don’t have a plan on what to buy, then you will spend a lot of time trying to decide which items to buy which can lead to overspending or forgetting to buy the things that you really need. Immediately make a list of the things you need to bring on your holiday and the things you still need to buy. You should make sure you bring things that you cannot buy in your destination. Toiletries can be easily bought anywhere. These things are sometimes already provided by the hotel.

When you are on a budget, your spending should be watched. Sales racks usually have many clothes sold on bargain. There are also online stores that sell old stock or unwanted holiday items. They also sell items that were already bought but never worn, so you can have an almost brand new items at a very low price. If you find something you like that is not on sale, you might want to try looking for discount codes to help lower the price of the item.

Booking an all-inclusive package will leave you with nothing to worry about since everything is already paid for. But if this is not the case, you should do some research when it comes to dining, activities, entertainment, etc. Checking the amenities before embarking for your holiday is helpful since you will know what to expect and act accordingly.

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If You Read One Article About Clothing, Read This One

How To Know A Person by Their Shoes

There are times you wear a gorgeous dress but with a hideous shoes. Walking with that kind of outfit will really be shameful for you. No matter where you are, at parties, office and just anywhere doing your own routine, you might have witnessed this kind of situation. Most of us may have seen other people or worse, maybe ourselves, letting a footwear drag us down a glamorous look instead of just completing it beautifully.

In the world of business, a way of a person in putting themselves together could give you a massive impact on the impression that they are giving to both the colleagues and management. This is because you are giving put the statement and impression that are a serious professional and you could be an asset in their business. Remember that if you finish off by using a pair of heels that is less than stellar, then this will be not easy to do.

There are some people that you might know and some others who are plagued by issues of their foot. In the past years, style and comfort in the past years did not really seem to go out as a good pair. However, we have passed that case today. If you are really into shoes, you might see that there are a number of brands of shoes that are growing and selling off trendy and comfortable shoes.

Young or adult, looking good and feeling good about ourselves is something that we love no matter how old we are. You might have some time in your life wherein you have eyeing a pair shoes that you really wish to have and then the day comes that you finally got it. Whenever you are stepping and walking with it on, surely you would wear it constantly and feel like you have owned the world. And as an adult, you must really want to look at your best and feel at our best.

You can see many kinds of footwear that give us a lot about ourselves.

Wearing a pair of sandals for example, it would basically provide yourself a calm, safe and comfortable feeling whenever you wear it. The impression you would be giving out to people is that you want those feelings and whenever you wear a pair of flat sandals, you could also come off as casual and classy.

Another example would be choosing to wear high heels, like stilettos, this would give the impression that you are the boss and that you would prefer to be a professional that would get things done in no time.

Wearing a specific shoes will really say a lot about yourself, so read more to know about all those things. Saks off 5th promo code will not matter as it could also say that you are willing to spend money for shoes.

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Study: My Understanding of Fashions

Casual Wear for Casual Days

Casual clothes shopping is actually a lot like office wear shopping. Casual wear shopping can actually be harder to do. This is because you would also want to look nice when you go out. You will find that this is something that actors and actresses do. When it comes to this, there are many examples out there. You can make use of these tips in order to pimp your wardrobe out.

Wearing dresses or corporate attire during the weekdays may be something you do. This is why having stylish and comfortable clothes would be something you should do on the weekends. Among the best things about t-shirts is that they will match anything in your wardrobe. It doesn’t even matter how you want to pair it because there will always be a perfect fit for it. Another great thing about this is that it won’t cost you much. Because of this, you can actually get more than just one color of your choice. The material will be something you should check though. Cotton would be the perfect fit when it comes to this.

Wearing casual jeans in the office is not really something you can do. But since weekends belong to you, you should get yourself a nice pair of jeans. Whether there’s an occasion or not, getting some light blue jeans is something you can do and wear over the weekends. You will have a perfect casual when you match these with a nice pair of sneakers. When it comes to this, you will find that there are also many styles you can choose from. Finding some coupons first would be something you can also do if you want to be able to save more money while you are shopping for casual clothes. The fact of the matter is that every dollar counts in this economy and saving never hurts. Just remember that the size you get should be comfortable on your part. This way, you can enjoy your weekends more and just be able to chill no matter what you do.

One of the hottest trends when it comes to this nowadays are sneakers and you need to look into it. These are among those that people would love to have in their wardrobes and wear them whenever they can. Aside from the trend, they are comfy and simply perfect for you. They will also be perfect for whatever casual clothes combination you are wearing. The last thing you would want during the weekends is to be wearing high heels that make your feet hurt. The best color in this would be white. Being able to wear anything you want is something you can do with this.

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