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Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

It is a fact that the color black is the most common color being used by a lot of people. You have to know that the color black is one of the most easiest color to mix up with different colors and it is one of the most flattering colors. It is the best all rounder color in the world. And because of that reason, black is so popular but it also makes a lot of people look plain and simple and lacking of color. This article will help you get better look for your wardrobe, giving you a guide in adding simple yet great looking highlight additions.

Layers will be important for the wardrobe.

The main color you have for your outfits will surely be black, right? Adding a little layer of color will be good to add life into you dark wardrobe. Adding a little color will be the perfect ensemble of colors with your outfits like adding a bright vest or a patterned camisoles.

Color pop is also important

Add something that will give you a good pop of color in your wardrobe. Wearing a blazer or a sweater that will have a pop up of color and wearing a dark colored trouser will be perfect. A perfect match would be dresses and skirts as well. If you are into wearing colorful pants, you should consider adding a more neutral kind of top or shirt so that everything will be compatible. That is going to be some risky thing if you are a first timer. If you have not yet tried wearing bold printed pants, you should try now because it will really be a perfect blend. If you have an American eagle coupon code, you can use that to get a bargain for your trousers. Look for items that would give you a better look, adding a wild yet playful side of your personality.

Statement jewelry is going to be important for the overall look as well.

Jewelry will be expensive at times but if you have the money for it, it will really be a huge statement for the overall outfit that you want, it will help you look classy or sophisticated, jewelry will give you a certain shine that you can’t get from any other accessory.

Just make sure that the jewelry that you choose will be compatible with every outfit that you have so that you can wear it when the occasion calls for it, jewelry is considered to be a must for a lot of people especially when the occasion will be a formal one, something that needs suit and tie and a dress.

If you decide to follow this guide, you will not regret it.

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