Uses for Leather Hip Flasks

Hip flasks are commonly used for alcohol. They are discrete, easy to conceal, and allow adults to have a nip of whiskey, vodka, rum, or whatever else they favor. That is perfect for staying warm outside at night, cheaper than buying alcohol at a festival or concert, and more convenient than finding a bar every time a quick drink is desired. A high-quality, hand-crafted leather hip flask does come in handy on many occasions and is more elegant and comfortable than metal. A variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures are offered. Customers can even have their initials embossed on them for a classy touch if they so desire.

The size range of these leather hip flasks, from three to ten ounces, make them handy for many other uses. Hikers can use them so they can travel light and keep their hands free. People who have a sensitivity to milk products can travel with an alternative for coffee or tea. It is a fashionable way to be prepared for coffee with friends, meeting at someone’s house for a book club, or attending a business engagement away from the office. Keeping hydrated on hot days can be a challenge, especially when busy running errands, working in the garden, or taking a bus or the subway. Many people begin to feel tired, faint, or dizzy fast before they realize they need something to drink. Having a hip flask ensure instant hydration when filled with water, or an energy drink. Another use is cough syrup or liquid cold medicine when driving long distances, spending the day out with the family, or visiting overnight.

Other leather goods that have several uses are also available. Tote bags, purses, carry cases for toiletries, and computer bags are offered, as well as a wide selection of satchels and golf bags. Dog collars and leads that will last a lifetime are available. A “Home and Office” section includes desk accessories, jewelry boxes, trays, caddies, and organizers, as well as decorative pieces. All items come with a lifetime warranty and are shipped to customers via UPS. That means fast delivery and a tracking number for convenience. UK customers can expect orders to be delivered within three to four days. International customers may take five to seven days to arrive.

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