DIscovering How to Know if a Relationship is Toxic

A successful relationship can be sometimes hard to achieve and filled with several challenges. Many people feel that it is natural for there to be some difficult issues and circumstances involving their relationship. However, it is crucial to keep in mind when and how to know if relationship is toxic. There are some important questions that couples must ask themselves in order to truly discover where their relationship stands in this regard. That is why it is vital to understand that many couples often make the same mistake that ultimately leads to this type of destructive relationship. Knowing the causing factors is essential and often proves to be incredibly beneficial.

First, consider some of the negative situations many people in these types of relationships experience on a regular basis. Some individuals feel as though everything they may say or do will start an argument. Many express that they are unable to do anything right when it comes to their significant other. They may feel the other person is blaming them for their own unhappiness or hostility. All too often, individuals in these types of relationships feel as though their own feelings need to be placed on the shelf in order to keep things civil with their partner. This understandably causes a great deal of stress and anxiety for these individuals.

Some may wonder why anyone would stay in a relationship like this. The truth is that many relationships often start out nicely and seemingly perfect in the beginning. From there, things may begin to slowly go downhill. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the other party in the relationship is not responsible for the other’s happiness or success. Each individual has to take ownership of their own responsibility for their emotions, happiness or misery, as well as their success or failure in life. Blaming each other will only put a considerable amount of stress on the relationship and ultimately make it nearly impossible to get along.

In order to break free from the negative effects of these types of destructive relationships, individuals must first realize that they should no longer tolerate being blamed, nor take responsibility for the other person’s unhappiness or lack of success. In addition, those blaming the other person for their own happiness and success will need to accept the fact that the power to improve in this regard is in their own hands.

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