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How Women Should Balance Careers and Family

Some year’s back it was very difficult for a woman to balance both work and family. After starting families, many women ended up resigning from their jobs. Fatigue involved in managing both work and family could have contributed to this situation. The modern world is different since many modern women are balancing the two perfectly. Working women who are married and are in families however find this quite difficult. It is however possible to achieve this with the employment of several strategies.

Having a job that is friendly to the schedule of your family is the first thing. There are some jobs that take too much of your time to allow you have family time. One is well advised to keep off such jobs that can cause a conflict in family timing. Jobs that require about eight to nine hours a day would be ideal. By this I mean during week days. The job would also be good if you do not have to work during weekends. Such a schedule would definitely enable you to have ample time for your spouse and children.

It is almost impossible to talk about a working mom without talking about child care. Having a guardian watch over a child is a mandatory thing in life. One can accomplish this in two main ways. The first way is by having a close family member take care of the child when the mother is away. This is however dependent on the availability of such a family member. If this is not possible, then explore the possibility of using the services of a child care center.

Child care centers are ideal since they offer solutions for almost all age groups of children. This is an advantage they have over individual house keepers. One should however ensure to visit the child care center in the neighborhood to ascertain the services offered. Ensure that the services being offered satisfy you after which you can then take your child to the center. Any discomfort would result in lack of concentration at the work place for the mother.

The final thing is for the working mother to balance her time well. It is important to create time for your career as well as creating time for your family. This can be tricky though it can be done. Having leave days of the mother at the same time with school holidays would achieve this. Such a move would make the mother have time with the children out of the work place. It is these bonding sessions that build happiness within the family. If well applied, the measures discussed would allow a working married woman to be very happy.

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